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This plan provides guidance for the years FY2001-FY2006. It describes Crane’s contribution to NAVSEA’S support of our customers’ changing needs in a reformed and downsized public/private defense infrastructure. The plan is linked with NAVSEA’s Strategic Plan and with the ASN(RD&A) Strategic Plan. Our Mission is to provide low cost, quality, and responsive acquisition, engineering, logistics, and maintenance for the Fleet’s weapons and electronic systems, ordnance, and associated equipment and components. We will partner with industry, academia, and other government activities to accomplish this mission. Our VISION for the future is to  become the Navy’s best fully integrated, Acquisition and Fleet Support organization. Our business is Acquisition and Fleet Support. We will work together, internally and with industry and other government activities, to apply an integrated public/private response to our customers’ needs.

The Guiding Principles described in this plan will govern our internal operating concepts and our relationships with our workforce, our customers, our suppliers, our competitors and our partners. 

This plan establishes strategies, desired outcomes, and key measures for each of our strategic goals. Our goals are focused on: our CUSTOMERS; our WORKFORCE; our ORGANIZATION; our INFRASTRUCTURE; the COMMUNITY; the ENVIRONMENT; and SAFETY, both in the general workplace and in the explosive area. Our Board of Directors reviews the key measures associated with these goals on a regular basis. Together these key measures form a BALANCED SCORECARD, and are used to measure our progress towards our goals. Each of our senior leaders is assigned as advocate for one or more of these goals. They are responsible for developing and implementing detailed plans and for monitoring and reporting progress towards the goals. This Strategic Plan provides the foundation upon which we will develop both long term and short term Business Plans for Crane and for each of our Business Units to address more specific customer needs.


Point of Contact : Strategic Planning Leader
Last Modified: May 16, 2001

Strategic Plan

Letter from Commander and Executive Director
Statement of Commitment from Crane Division Board of Directors
Executive Summary
Strategic Intent
Guiding Principles
Strategic Goals
Implementation Process
Balanced Set of Corporate Measures
Managing the Future
Tying It All Together