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STRATEGIC GOAL: Be a trusted, respected and contributing member of the local, regional and state communities.


    1. Communicate openly, honestly and regularly with local, regional and state/national leaders.
    2. Seek to understand community interest.
    3. Develop appropriate partnerships and offer our resources as an economic and technology hub.

Desired Outcome

The local, regional, and state communities understand and support the work performed at Crane.  Business and industry recognize Crane as a corporate leader and a valued partner for economic growth and technology development.


CREDO, School Partnership, Buy Indiana Initiative and Community Satisfaction Survey

KEY MEASURES Actual Score Target Score
% of Bank Card Purchase Dollars
Awarded to Indiana Businesses
28 30
Overall Community Satisfaction 37 50



Point of Contact : Strategic Planning Leader
Last Modified: May 14, 2001


Strategic Plan

Letter from Commander and Executive Director
Statement of Commitment from Crane Division Board of Directors
Executive Summary
Strategic Intent
Guiding Principles
Strategic Goals
Implementation Process
Balanced Set of Corporate Measures
Managing the Future
Tying It All Together