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STRATEGIC GOAL: Maintain a safe work environment for all operations and improve both the Explosive Safety and general Occupational Safety and Health elements of our work environment. Maintain a comprehensive System Safety Program for all systems to ensure that systems to be introduced for Navy use are within acceptable levels of risk and will not present a hazard to the user.


    1. Maintain a fully certified explosive workforce.
    2. Maintain an effective OSHPIP to identify and implement work site and work process improvements.
    3. Maintain a core of fully qualified and experienced system safety personnel.

Desired Outcome

All work operations are completed efficiently, effectively, and with no unnecessary risk of injury to personnel. All systems designed, produced or modified by NSWC Crane can be demonstrated to be within acceptable levels of risk by meeting the requirements of the Weapon system Explosive Safety Review Board.


Mock ESI/ESSA, Quarterly Mishap Reduction Action Plans and OSH Self Assessment

KEY MEASURES Actual Score Target Score
Loss Time 23 30
% of Scheduled OSH Corrective
Actions Completed
18 20
Explosive Safety Index 48 50



Point of Contact : Strategic Planning Leader
Last Modified: May 14, 2001

Strategic Plan

Letter from Commander and Executive Director
Statement of Commitment from Crane Division Board of Directors
Executive Summary
Strategic Intent
Guiding Principles
Strategic Goals
Implementation Process
Balanced Set of Corporate Measures
Managing the Future
Tying It All Together