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STRATEGIC GOAL: Enhance the motivation, diversity and capability of our workforce. 


    1. Develop and execute recruitment plans (with emphasis on diversity) to meet current and future hiring needs.
    2. Focus our workforce on development of Crane’s core technical competencies and critical support areas.
    3. Increase employee job satisfaction.
    4. Enhance internal Crane communications.

Desired Outcome

We are an organization with a motivated, enthusiastic workforce focused on our critical capabilities and well matched to Crane’s workload. Our workforce understands and appreciates Crane’s role in acquisition and support of electronics and ordnance.


B&PR, Leadership Development Project, Consolidated Training and Franklin Covey Training

KEY MEASURES Actual Score Target Score
Diversity Professional/GS 13-15 9 11
Diversity New Hires 4 7
Diversity Total Workforce 0 2
Employee Satisfaction 45 49



Point of Contact : Strategic Planning Leader
Last Modified: May 14, 2001


Strategic Plan

Letter from Commander and Executive Director
Statement of Commitment from Crane Division Board of Directors
Executive Summary
Strategic Intent
Guiding Principles
Strategic Goals
Implementation Process
Balanced Set of Corporate Measures
Managing the Future
Tying It All Together