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Your Avenue to the Navy’s Premier product engineering and industrial applications facility

NSWC Crane’s Technology Transfer Program opens the door for your company to access State-of-the-Art techniques and processes, test, evaluation, and prototype development facilities, as well as scientists, engineers, and technicians. This ability will give you the competitive edge in today’s global economy.

You can consult with our personnel, use our facilities, collaborate in technology partnerships or help develop and implement dual-use technologies. Through our Mini-CRADA program you may even qualify for up to 32 hours of assistance free of charge.

Link to Application for Licence

Please review this list of Crane Division Patents to determine if your company would like to inquire about licensing the technology.
Links of Interest
Access Technology Across Indiana
DLA/CATT Program
     Electronic Product Acquisition Website

Prior to "Government reinvention", Navy installations like NSWC Crane Division were thought to be incompatible with private industry. But with the implementation and utilization of the following mechanisms we have established partnerships and teaming arrangements that once would have been impossible. In doing so, we have learned that these arrangements can only create win/win opportunities for both the public and private sectors by capitalizing on the strengths and efficiencies of each other.

Our expertise, equipment, and facilities make NSWC Crane Division a perfect choice for teaming and partnership arrangements for defense and nondefense related items. We have a full time staff dedicated solely to technology transfer and business development with local, regional, and national public and private industry. We seek and encourage all opportunities to partner with industry, allowing each other to contribute in areas of excellence.

Points of Contact
Coordinator, Technology Transfer Program
Code SPO-T
300 HWY 361
Crane, IN 47522
Tele: (812) 854-2379
FAX: (812) 854-4041
Technology Transfer Program
Code SPO-T
300 HWY 361
Crane, IN 47522
Tele: (812) 854-2378
FAX: (812) 854-4041

Last Modified: April 10, 2003