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Personal Property Office - Inbound Shipment
Contact our office as soon as possible after your arrival. Your telephone number and contact address are needed. As soon as you have a delivery address contact our office to make delivery arrangements. Be advised delivery normally can be made within 5 workdays, but this will vary based on contractor schedule. If possible, be prepared to accept delivery of your property as soon as it arrives. You or your representative, designated in writing, must be home on the day of delivery or you may be charged for an attempted delivery. Check each carton off the inventory as it is delivered. Make sure everything that was picked up was delivered. See our claims section, if anything was missing or damaged. Do not sign for services if they were not performed. Contact our office if problems arise.
  • POC: Transportation Assistant
    PH: 812-854-6511
    DSN: 482-6511
    FAX: 812-854-6105
  • POC: Personal Property Supervisor
    PH: 812- 854-6101
    DSN: 482-6101

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