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Personal Property Office - Claims

At the time of delivery of your household goods, the carrier will provide you with a pink form (DD Form 1840/1840R). All damage and/or loss you notice at delivery should be identified on the front side of the form.

The carrier will leave you three copies of the completed form. After delivery, you must examine every item in your shipment and record any additional damage or loss. You must submit two copies of the completed form to the Claims Office within 70 days of the delivery or a reduction in the amount payable on your claim may result. At that time, you will receive a claims packet. The time limit for filing a claim is two years from the date of delivery.

  • POC: Michael Priddy, Claims Examiner
    PH: 812- 854-6509
    DSN: 482-6509
    FAX: 812- 854-6105

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