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Human Resources

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Crane's personnel are well known for the professionalism of their work and the pride they take in performing it. Well over one third of the Division's employees are scientists, engineers, or technicians. That makes Crane one of the largest concentrations of such personnel in the state, if not the largest. The Division is also the largest industrial employer in southern Indiana.
Economic Impact

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Crane is a vital component of the state's economy. As important as the monetary contributions of payroll, benefits, and contracts are to the region, however, Crane is also a valued member of the community in many other ways. The Division's support of education, economic development, environmental and natural resource protection, and recreation make the Navy a good and valued neighbor in southern Indiana.
Vital Statistics

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Crane Division covers roughly the northern third of Martin County, Indiana, with a small overlap into Greene County to the north and an even smaller one into Lawrence County on the east.

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Last Modified: April 08, 2003