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Crane Division's School Partnership Program is designed to encourage the teaching of science and mathematics in southern Indiana schools. As one of the largest concentrations of scientists, engineers, and technicians in the state, Crane is a unique resource for these schools.

In the classroom, the teacher's course outline can be supplemented and supported by in-class presentations and demonstrations by Division personnel. During tours of Crane, students and teachers alike are afforded an opportunity to see state-of-the-art laboratories and equipment, and learn firsthand how training in math and the sciences is put to use in the defense of their country. The goal is to motivate students to actively pursue the study of math and science by demonstrating how rewarding and satisfying careers in these fields can be. Crane's School Partnership Program also offers tutoring for those students who can benefit from individual assistance or in small group instruction, and career counseling for students who wish to learn more about the training required for jobs in these career fields.

Each year, the Division holds their Science and Engineering Fair which last year drew entries from over 250 students. Cash prizes (over $2,500 last year), donated by Crane employee organizations and individuals, are awarded to outstanding projects.

Now in its eighteenth year, Crane Division's School Partnership Program has grown to include nearly 50 southern Indiana schools. Participation by students and teachers has expanded dramatically in all aspects of the program. Such efforts are approved and encouraged by all levels of command in the Navy and the Department of Defense, and Crane employees can be proud that this activity was among the first to initiate such a program.

Crane's School Partnership Program reflects the Division's commitment to maintaining a mutually supportive relationship with the surrounding community. It will help to ensure a bright future for southern Indiana and America's continued world leadership in technology.

POC: Public Affairs Specialist
Last Modified: April 08, 2003