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Capabilities Facilities Major Assignments
Personnel Points of Contact Systems Supported More Details

Capabilities for Microwave Components

  • Review and Certify Designs

  • Develop Procurement Technical Data Packages

  • Develop, Revise and Approve Specifications

  • Contracting for Component Production and Repair

  • Approve ECPs, Waivers, & Deviations

  • Qualify sources

  • Perform Vendor Surveillance Testing

  • Transition New Designs into Production

  • Monitor Fleet Reliability & Implement Corrective Actions

  • Perform Failure Analysis

  • Perform Environmental Testing and Analysis

  • Initiate & Implement Product Improvements

Facilities for Microwave Components

Picture for Microwave Components

  • Unique DoD Microwave Tube Testing Lab ( 90,000 Sq. Ft.)

  • Physical Plant Replacement Value of $35.0M

  • Specialized Microwave and High Voltage Equipment with Replacement Value of $115.0M

    • Microwave Tube Test and Evaluation

    • Component/Transmitter Interface Testbeds

    • Tri-Service/NASA Cathode Life Test Facility

    • Vacuum Process and Failure Analysis Laboratory

    • Integrated Environmental Test and Evaluation Facility

    • Microwave Integrated Circuits Test and Evaluation Lab

Major Assignments for Microwave Components

  • DoD Executive Agent for Microwave Tubes

  • Level IV In-Service Engineering Agent for Microwave Tubes

    • AEGIS Weapons System

    • Surface Search Radar Systems

  • Acquisition Engineering Agent for Microwave Tubes

    • AEGIS Weapons System

  • Inventory Control Point for Microwave Tubes

    • Range Electronic Weapon Simulator

  • Designated Overhaul Point for Microwave Tubes

    • Selected NAVAIR and NAVSEA Radar/ECM Systems

    • AEGIS Weapons System

  • COTS Acquisition Agent

    • PEO TSC

Personnel for Microwave Components

  • Highly Technical Workforce of 136 Personnel

  • Skills Mix of Microwave, Digital, and Electromechanical Unique to Microwave Tubes

  • Nationally Recognized Microwave Device Experts

    • 45 Engineers and Scientists

    • 63 Microwave Skilled Technicians

  • 2,136 Workyears of Microwave Tube, Microwave Systems and Associated Components Experience

Systems Supported for Microwave Components

  • Navy Shipboard Radar  and ECM Systems

  • Navy Airborne ECM Systems

  • Airborne Fire Control Systems

  • Air Force Airborne Jammer Radar

  • Marine Corps Detection Radar System

  • Land Based Communications Radar

Points of Contact for Microwave Components

Microwave Components POC :

  • (812) 854-3054
  • (812) 854-1798
  • FAX: (812) 854-3676

Job Information POC :

  • (812) 854-1550
  • FAX: (812) 854-1066


Picture for Microwave Components



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