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Capabilities Facilities Major Assignments
Personnel Points of Contact Systems Supported

Capabilities for Night Vision/Electro-Optics

  • Application Engineering to Support Research and Design

  • Acquisition Planning and Engineering

  • Contract for Products, Components or Services

  • Acceptance Testing of New Systems

  • Perform Laser Safety Evaluations and Certifications

  • Image Intensifier Tube Testing and Screening

  • Repair Night Vision Devices, Lasers, Thermal Imagers

  • System Installation and Training

  • In-Service Engineering and Full Life Cycle Support

  • Systems Integration

  • Perform Failure Analysis

  • Conduct Value Engineering Analysis

Facilities for Night Vision/Electro-Optics

Picture for Night Vision/Electro-Optics

  • Unique 65,000 Sq. Ft. Electro-Optic Center

    • 40,000 Sq. Ft. Laboratory

    • 5,000 Sq. Ft. Class 100,000 Clean Room

    • 85 Ft. Tower with Line of Sight Distances to 40 Miles

    • Physical Plant Replacement Value of $7.0M

  • Open Architecture Test and Diagnostics Equipment with Replacement Value exceeding $10.0M

    • Automated Intensifier Measurement System (AIMS)

    • Sensor Electronics Test Set (SETS)

    • Sensor Optical Test Set (SOTS)

    • Mast Mounted Sight Test Support System (TSS)

    • Laser Designator/Marker Test Station

    • Outdoor Electro-Optic Test and Training Range

Major Assignments for Night Vision/Electro-Optics

  • IPT Leader for NAVAIR Aircrew Night Vision Goggles (NVG)

  • Depot Maintenance Activity for MXU-810/U Tactical NVGs

  • In-Service Engineering Agent (ISEA) for Navy Mast Mounted Sight

  • Alteration/Installation Team Leader for Thermal Imaging Sensor System

  • Depot Maintenance Activity for Special Operations Forces Laser Marker

  • Cognizant Field Activity for UH-1N Navigational Thermal Imaging System

  • ISEA for Naval Special Warfare Night Vision Equipment

  • Acquisition Engineering Agent for Naval Special Warfare Night Vision

  • ISEA for NAVSEA Night Vision Devices

  • Designated Overhaul Point for Navy Night Vision Equipment

  • ISEA for USMC Ground Weapons Night Vision Equipment

  • Depot Maintenance Activity for OH-58D Console Display System

  • Acquisition  Agent for Navy SH-60B FLIR

Personnel for Night Vision/Electro-Optics

  • Highly Technical Workforce of 122 Professionals with Extensive Night Vision and Electro-Optics Experience

  • Skills Mix of Image Intensifiers, Thermal Imagers, and Lasers Technical Expertise

  • 47 Engineers and Scientists

  • 34 Skilled Technicians/Equipment Specialists

Systems Supported for Night Vision/Electro-Optics

  • Airborne Night Vision Goggles

  • Surface Multi-Sensor Systems

  • Special Warfare Night Vision Devices

  • Special Warfare Lasers

  • Surface Night Vision Devices

  • Remote Surveillance Systems

  • Aircraft Multi-Sensor Systems

  • Aircraft Laser Systems

  • Army Avionics Systems

  • Manportable Thermal Imagers

  • Tactical Remote Sensor Systems

  • Survival Radios

Points of Contact for Night Vision/Electro-Optics

Night Vision / Electro-Optics POC :

  • (812) 854-5747
  • (812) 854-5873
  • (812) 854-5447
  • FAX: (812) 854-3665
  • FAX: (812) 854-4440


Job Information POC :

  • (812) 854-1550
  • FAX: (812) 854-1066


Picture for Night Vision/Electro-OpticsPicture for Night Vision/Electro-Optics



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