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bullet1(1).gif (122 bytes)   Products and Services
            Technical Product Lines
                    -Acoustic Sensors
                              -NSWC Test Simulation (Glendora Lake)
                    -Chemical/Biological Warfare Detection
                    -Conventional Ammunition Engineering
                    -Defense Security Systems
                    -Electrochemical Power Systems
                    -Electronic Module Test and Repair
                    -Electronic Warfare Systems
                    -Micro Electronics
                    -Microwave Components
                    -Night Vision/Electro Optics
                    -Radar Systems
                    -Small Arms
                    -Global Logistics Support
                             -Personal Property
            Critical Capabilities
            Fleet Support
                    -Mission and Areas of Responsibilities
                    -Fleet Support Departments
            Program Management
            Related Links

bullet1(1).gif (122 bytes)     General Info
            About Crane
                    -Club Lakeview
                    -Combined Bachelor Quarters
                    -Community Center
                    -Family Housing
                    -Personal Property Office
                            -Area of Responsibility
                            -Inbound Shipment
                            -Outbound Shipment
                            -Long Term Storage
                            -Claims Quality Control
                    -Inclement Weather Base Closure Hotline
            Community Relations
                    -Environmental Awards
                    -School Partnership Program
                    -Science & Engineering Fair
                    -Scouting at Crane
            Community Links
            Employment Opportunities
                    -Environmental Protection
                    -Natural Resources Management
                    -Pollution Prevention
                    -Restoration Advisory Board
                    -How to Submit a Valid FOIA/PA Request
                    -Access Commonly Requested Crane Information
            Press Releases
            Recreational Opportunities
                    -Bowling Center
                    -Special Events
            Visitor Information
                    -NSWC Crane Regional Map
            Welcome Aboard

bullet1(1).gif (122 bytes)  Acquisition / Business Opportunities
            Supply, Services, Research and Development Contracting
               (Acquisition Department)
            Construction Contracting

bullet1(1).gif (122 bytes)  Corporate Info
            Quality Systems
            Customer List
            Strategic Plan
                    -Statement of Commitment from Crane Division
                    -Executive Summary
                    -Strategic Intent
                    -Guiding Principles
                    -Implementation Process
                    -Balanced Set of Corporate Measures
                    -Managing the Future
                    -Tying It All Together
            Economic Development
            Technology Transfer Program
                    -DLA/CATT Program

bullet1(1).gif (122 bytes)  Organization
            Command Staff
            Code 05 Management Systems Directorate
            Employee Services
            Code 09 Public Works Directorate
            Code 11 Supply Directorate
            Code 40 Ordnance Engineering Directorate
            Code 40 Ordnance Engineering Directorate - Fallbrook
            Code 60 Electronic Development Directorate
            Code 80 Microwave Systems Directorate
            Quality of Life
            Crane Specialized Areas


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