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U.S. Navy
Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA)  
       Washington Navy Yard (WNY), Washington, D.C.
Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC)
Navy Sites
COMLANTFLT - Commander U.S. Atlantic Fleet
COMPACFLT - Commander U.S. Pacific Fleet
Commander Naval Base San Diego
COMNAVAIRLANT - Commander Naval Air Force U.S. Atlantic Fleet
COMNAVAIRPAC - Commander Naval Air Force U.S. Pacific Fleet
COMNAVSURFLANT - Commander Naval Surface Force Atlantic Fleet
COMNAVSURFPAC - Commander Naval Surface Force Pacific Fleet
COMNAVSUBLANT - Commander Naval Submarine Force U.S. Atlantic Fleet
COMNAVSUBPAC - Commander Naval Submarine Force U.S. Pacific Fleet
FTSCLANT - Fleet Technical Support Center Atlantic
FTSCPAC - Fleet Technical Support Center Pacific
Navy CALS Resource and Implementation Cooperative
Navy Modeling and Simulation Management Office (NAVMSMO)
Navy Opportunities
NAVAIR - Naval Air Systems Command
NSWC Carderock Division
NSWC Corona Division
NSWC Dahlgren Division
NSWC Indian Head Division
NSWC Port Hueneme Division
SPAWAR - Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command
Army Sites
Crane Army Ammunition Activity
Department of Defense Sites
The Special Assistant for Gulf War Illness, Medical Readiness, and Military Deployments
Crane Hosted Sites
More details about Conventional Ammunition Engineering
Commercial Items / NonDevelopmental Items (CINDI) Information Center Registration
More details about Countermeasures
Defense Security Systems
DMS Technology Center (DTC-DMS)
DoD Executive Agent For Microwave Tubes
Marine Corps Program Department (Fallbrook)
Miniature/Microminiature Electronic Repair
More details about Microwave Components
More details about Sonobuoy Information
NSWC Crane Division Recruiting
NAVSEA TW010-AC-ORD Manuals (Series) in Receipt, Segregation, Storage and Issue (RSS&I)
Navy Resource and Implementation Cooperative (RIC)
Part Requirement & Application Guide SD-18
Product And Technology Surveillance (PATS)
Program Executive Office for Surface Strike (PEO (S))
Surface Warfare Night Vision Electro-Optics
Tactical Embedded Computer Resources(TECR)



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